BMC 20″ Self Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower

NEW for 2010 are the superb high powered, well designed, high performing mowers from BMC.
These impressive 20” ( 510mm) cutting dia. self propelled mowers are built to last.
Fitted with a very powerful 5.5HP 4 stroke petrol engine, BMC mowers have more than ample power to handle the medium to large size British lawns year after year.
With 8 adjustable height settings between 15mm – 55mm including 3 deck cleaning settings controlled by a single lever height adjuster, it’s so simple to adjust to the correct cutting height for your lawn.
Being 4 in 1 mowers, these machines will:
Cut Cut and Collect
Mulch Side discharge
The mower decks are very strong and are manufactured from 100% steel for safety and endurance.
To finish your lawn with a neatly striped effect, the mowers are fitted with a rear rubber lawn striper blade.
The large 55 litre capacity grass catcher will collect the clippings or if you want to recycle nutrients into your lawn, simply fit the mulching plate to help mulch down the cuttings.
Around trees and bushes or over rougher ground, you may want to benefit from the simple to set side discharge facility and spread your cuttings as you mow and after you’ve finished – well we’ve not! We’ve fitted an easy clean deck system to allow you to connect your garden hose and wash off the underside of the deck before storage.

* Self propelled
* 20” cutting diameter (510mm)
* Very Powerful 5.5HP 4 Stroke engine
* All steel deck
* 8 cutting heights 15mm – 55mm including 3 deck cleaning settings
* Single lever height adjuster
* Lawn striper
* 55 litre capacity collection bag
* Fitted easy clean deck wash facility
* Folding handles for easy storage
* Weight: 36Kg

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